Makita B-43321 9/16" x 18" Hollow Socket

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• Impact and drill-ready hollow socket design saves time and speeds up fastening applications over extra long bolts, studs and threaded rod
• 12 point socket provides easy fitments over 6 and 12-point fasteners
• Additional socket length provides better accessibility to nuts in hard to reach places
• Axial press-fit 1/4 in. hex shank provides greater durability and torsional strength compared to a one-piece hollow socket
• Smooth, chamfered inner well prevents shaft from biting and ruining threads for easy fastening and unfastening
• Corrosion resistant finish for long life
• Lightweight for easy overhead use and reduced wear on the user
• Ideal for overhead work on ducts, pipe, studs and threaded rod
• 1/4 in. hex shank works directly with both impact drivers and drill-drivers

The Makita hollow sockets are designed to accelerate overhead fastening work by reducing time-spent hand threading fasteners over threaded rod. The hollow shafts allow long bolts and threaded rod to pass through in fastening applications while the increased socket lengths provide better access to nuts located in high places in ceiling or ductwork. The 1/4 in. hex shank is press-fit for durability and drops readily into an impact (more...)

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