Makita E-12594 9" Rebar Cutter Shank Adapter, SDS-Plus

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• Designed to reduce the time required to drill through concrete-embedded rebar
• Two-piece Rebar Cutter Bit system; 9" SDS-Plus Rebar Cutter Shank Adapter for use with Rebar Cutter Drill Bit Heads (3/4" - 1-1/2")
• SDS-Plus Shank for two-piece Rebar Cutter Bit system for increased versatility
• Reduced replenishment cost by replacing Rebar Cutter Drill Bit Head and maintaining SDS-Plus shank adapter
• Spanner wrench groove for easy removal of Rebar Cutter Head
• High-quality European heat-treated steel shank for longer life
• Micro-Hammering SDS-Plus shank prevents accidental bit damage from the tool's "hammer" mode
• For use with SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers in "Rotation Only" mode
• For drilling in concrete-embedded rebar only

• UPC Code : 088381-587655
• Shipping Weight : .63 lbs.

"Get the right accessory for use with your rotary hammer. Makita has a full line of bits, including rebar cutter drill bits engineered to shred through concrete-embedded rebar. The Makita 9” Rebar Cutter Shank Adapter, SDS-PLUS, is part of a two-piece reba(more...)

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