Makita E-12647 X-LOCK 4-1/2" Diamond Blade Variety Pack, 3/pc

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• X-LOCK 4-1/2" Segmented Diamond Blade (E-07191)
• X-LOCK 4-1/2" Turbo Rim Diamond Blade (E-07216)
• X-LOCK 4-1/2" Continuous Rim Diamond Blade (E-07397)

• Diamond blade variety pack features 1 segmented rim blade for aggressive cuts, 1 turbo rim blade for smooth cuts, and 1 continuous rim blade for precise cuts
• For use with Makita X-LOCK Angle Grinder models XAG25, XAG26, GA4570 and angle grinders with a 7/8" arbor
• Made with high quality diamonds
• Up to 4x longer life than competitive blades
• The segmented and turbo rim blades feature 50% taller (13mm) segments with an optimum bond matrix that are designed for longer life and faster, smoother cutting
• Carefully tensioned for less vibration and a superior user experience
• Segmented rim for faster, more aggressive cutting of masonry materials including concrete, block, brick, and pavers
• Turbo rim for faster and smoother cutting of masonry materials including concrete, block, brick, pavers, and roof tiles
• Continuous rim for smoother, finer and more precise cutting of hard materials including ceramic, granite, p(more...)

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