Makita T-02054 Demolisher 12 in. Demolition Recipro Saw Blade, 100/pk

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• (100) Pack of reciprocationg saw blades

• Cobalt content set to maximize blade durability & wear in high impact demolition applications
• .062" thickness increases resistance to bending
• 7/8" width increases blade life
• Fully reinforced teeth minimizes teeth breakage
• First tooth consistently centered on each blade for straight plunge cuts
• For use in a variety of demolition applications including in metal pipe, channel and angle iron

• UPC Code : 088381-424660
• Shipping Weight : 15.81 lbs.

Makita reciprocating saw blades are engineered for industrial applications. The Makita Demolisher™ 12 in. 8/10 TPI Bi-Metal Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade (T-02054, 100/pk) features cobalt content, .062" thickness and 7/8" width for increased resistance to bending and longer blade life. The Makita Demolisher™ Blade is ideal for a range of cutting and demolition applications including metal pipe, channel and angle iron.

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