Makita T-02571 Customizable Foam Insert for Interlocking Cases

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• Pre-scored foam sectional cubes can be picked and removed to create custom inserts for tools and accessories
• Dense foam holds tools firmly in place and protects them from sudden impact
• Includes 2 in. layer of pre-scored foam and 1/2 in. foam base layer
• Designed for use with the Makita interlocking cases

The customizable foam insert allows users to shape a personalized solution for the interior of their Makita interlocking cases. The thick 2 in. layer of foam is designed to fit snugly within the interlocking cases and can be customized without the use of knives or scissors – pre-scored strips of foam can be easily pulled from around perimeter of tools and accessories to create custom assortments. A 1/2 in. foam base layer is also included to line the bottom of the case.

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